Oil absorbing roller, SS2791

Item No.: SS2791
Item Name: Oil absorbing roller
Material: ABS+volcanic rock
Size: 29*50cm
Available Color: black/pink/white
Packaging: 1pc/ color box
Carton size: 22.5*17*17cm/100pcs

Easy to use, gently roll the face roller to the T zone or any shiny skin.
Just like blotting paper, but better, this roller is made of volcanic stone, which can immediately absorb excess oil. Use it on clean or finished face-it will not mess up your makeup
It is less wasteful than oil-absorbing paper. Unlike oil-absorbing paper for oily skin, which is thrown once, this oil-absorbing roller can be reused.
For massage and matte facials, rolling a stone roller on your skin feels great, just like a mini massage.